Dogs really DO chew biteguards!

I don’t know if this happens to you but just about every time I’ve judged someone’s parenting skills, for example, I’ve been hit right in the face with the exact same situation. You know what I’m talking about. It happens in all areas of life but my awareness of this phenomenon started when my kids were born.

Before I had kids, I was appalled that anyone would bring their kid to church without brushing their hair or that they would bring their kids to the dentist with crackers in their teeth. What awful parents!

Now that the reality of parenting has set in…you guessed it…my kids have shown up looking like well-dressed ragamuffins many a Sunday and I can admit that they don’t brush their teeth EVERY morning.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve rolled my eyes when a patient told me their dog chewed their occlusal guard. Then without fail, it happened to me.

A few months ago I lost my guard. Always looking for a mystery to solve, my daughter Anna took on the case and wouldn’t you know it, she found it under the dog’s bed.  Here’s a look at the crack team of investigators.

As you would expect, it was completely destroyed.  But here’s the best part…

My Dentist Uses Dental Warranty!

No questions asked, my occlusal guard was replaced!  Yeah, I know…I’m a hygienist so I get some special discounts but just think how your patients would feel when instead of saying ‘That’s a bummer, a new guard will be $497’ you GET to say…

‘That’s a bummer but guess what?  We’ll replace it for FREE’!

And when you use Dental Warranty in your practice, you get to say that about any restorations that you cover with an official, registered warranty. No more awkward, behind-the-patient communication about how much the ‘re-do’ is going to cost.

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