Rachel Wall, RDH, BS

Jamie Marboe, RDH, BS

Kim Miller, RDH, BS


Dentist Discovery Day

Dentist: Discover Your Hygiene Profit Potential

Every dentist would like to increase the profitability of their hygiene department. This course is the first step to discover the underlying factors that affect hygiene profitability and how to tap into the potential that lies in your hygiene department.

With over 50 years combined experience as specialized hygiene coaches to hundreds of practices, the Inspired Hygiene team will help you discover:

  • How your hygiene department stacks up against industry standard benchmarks for:
    • Profitability & Compensation
    • Perio Awareness
    • Recare/Reactivation
    • Hygiene Open Time
  • How to get your hygienists excited about taking hygiene to the next level
  • Common barriers to hygiene success and how to over come them
  • Why your perio percentage is a reflection of the health of your hygiene department

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Space is Limited – Dentist Only

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Participants must have a current, active RDH, DDS or DMD license in the state in which the course is being delivered.

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