Faith, Hope and Trust

An important and common concern that some of our clients have before going into private coaching is “How can we implement a new or different perio protocol and not lose the faith and trust of our patients that we have been treating for years?”

This same concern did not escape the thoughts of Carmen and Jessica, hygienists for Dr. J.D. Troy. While their perio percentage was not extremely low from the start (24%) — 70% of it was being carried by perio maintenance and not active therapy. During our first workshop together, they decided as a team that it was in the best interest of their patients’ health to always educate, diagnose and treat active periodontal disease at its earliest stages. They finished the training with the hope that their shift in treatment protocol would be well received. They quickly realized just how much true faith and trust their patients have in them by the HIGH treatment plan acceptance rate of 95% and the resulting healthier patients they are treating.

During our coaching call this week I was celebrating with the team some of their successes. Dr. Troy stated, “Our patients trust us so much that they make it easy to always recommend the best treatment needed from both a perio and restorative standpoint!” Carmen commented during a recent staff meeting, “I could never go back to treating perio the same way!”

See in the table below the huge results that they (and more importantly their patients) are experiencing because this team is open to a whole lot of FAITH, HOPE and TRUST from start to finish!



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