Fittin Perio into a “Grand Central Station” Schedule

Often what keeps a busy dental practice from successfully implementing a strong perio program is where to “FIT” the patients back into the schedule. We are often asked “How do we diagnose, educate and bring urgency for the need of the perio therapy and then not have the availability to schedule them for several months?” As important as a quick call list is for last minute cancellations, it isn’t full proof and comes with its own type of mayhem for the admin team.

The team of Summit Dental Care located in Twin Falls, Idaho took on the challenge of successfully growing and implementing a strong perio program into their “Grand Central Station” schedule. With dedication and openness to coaching, they were able to achieve in 7 short months improved patient health, top level care and successful outcomes for everyone. Here is how they are achieving the measurable outcomes seen in their progress table below:

Created and honor priority care blocks
Added a 5th full time hygienist
Created a customized scheduling template (Including the 3 doctor’s chairs)
Created an informed patient scheduling policy and effective cancellation dialogue

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of your hygiene department, click here to request a complementary Discovery Session.

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