Full Today, No Show Tomorrow: Stop the Roller Coaster

Do you ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster? One day the schedule looks great and then you come in the next morning and
it falls apart.

Think of all the hours you and your team spend on recovering from those days. Think about what you could be doing with all that time…marketing your practice, taking care of patients, following up on unscheduled treatment. There are so many things more productive then rebuilding your schedule from scratch.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve got to be on this month’s High Performance Hygiene Mastermind call when I interview Linda Miles. As you know, Linda is one of the most well-known and successful dental management consultants of all time! She’s coached thousands of practices and on this call I’m going to get her to reveal all her secrets on how to create a ‘zero defect’ day. She’s brilliant, fun and I can’t wait for this call.

I hope you’ll join us.

Stay inspired!

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