Get Inspired by a RDH Rock Star!

We often hear the term “Over Achiever” when describing some of our colleagues and clients in the dental profession. As I was preparing for this week’s e-zine where I am highlighting a RDH that demonstrates how to be a true “Rock Star”, it occurred to me that term never rang truer than for Rita Bollwitt! I believe that when it comes to the health care of her patients, Rita truly believes it is her duty to be that very “over achiever”. Read below to see how she and her team raised the bar to ‘Rock Star’ status!

RDH Rock Star Rita!

Rita has worked for the dynamic team at Jackson Dental in the small town of Belle Fourche, SD for 25 of her 35 years as a RDH. I have had the privilege of coaching Rita and her team for over one and a half years. Rita granted me the opportunity of asking her to share some of her thoughts and career changing moments that have shaped her into one of the finest RDH’s I have had the honor to coach.

Rita feels that “the best part of my profession is that I get to elevate patients from a state of disease and inflammation to health”. She knows that she is helping save lives by educating her patients regarding the oral and systemic link. “One of the biggest things I have implemented since private coaching is becoming up to date on current research regarding oral and systemic health links and understanding the process of inflammation, not just ‘bleeding gums’. We cannot separate the two. What saddens me, is the fact that not all people can afford comprehensive dental care”.

This ‘diamond in the rough’ team offers top shelf services. All five hygienists are laser certified and routinely use salivary testing granting them full awareness of their patient’s disease and best care treatment. Doctors’ Christopher and John Jackson are both LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) certified, making Rita and her team from rural South Dakota true “Rock Stars”!

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