Got Goals?


“Arriving at one goal is … the starting point to another.” So whenever we begin private coaching with our clients, we make sure that we sit down with the team and create a clear vision as to how the new protocols will be implemented. We set goals that are obtainable and we map it out clearly as to how that will look.  When creating your goals, use the time-tested “S.M.A.R.T.” formula:

  • (S)pecific: having defined goals creates clarity for you and your team as to what is expected.
  • (M)easureable: make sure you develop benchmakrs and that you monitor, measure and report the progress being made (this is also a huge motivator!).
  • (A)chievable: coming up with realistic goals is key because if it doesn’t feel like it can be accomplished – then it’s hard to even get started – and you also will quickly get unmotivated.
  • (T)ime specific: by creating a timeline for your goal, you move it into the present and increase your commitment to achieving it.
  • (R)ewarding: once you have achieved a goal, make sure you reward your team/self by celebrating your success. This makes everyone feel appreciated and motivated to keep growing and starting on the next goal!


Here is an example of what goal setting and accomplishment might look like for your and your team:

Areas of Improvement Starting Point 1st Level GoalSix-Week Result% Increase/Decrease
Perio Percentage22%28%34%55% increase
Quads SRP/month22303455% increase
Open Time20%15%14%30% decrease
Avg Hyg Prod/Hour$111$120$14531% ($/hr) increase
Projected Mo. Increase$34/hr increase$34/hour x 135 hygiene hours per month = $4590/mo increase = $55,080/yr increase


Contact us if you’d like more information on our private coaching programs and how we can help you achieve these goals!

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