Happy Birthday, Mimi!

I’ve wrapped up all the details in preparation for a call I’m doing on September 14 with Trisha O’Hehir. I am so excited about this call. This is going to be a f*ree tele-seminar and we’re offering 1 hour live AGD CE credit.

The title is ‘The Secret Culprit in Periodontal Disease’. We’re going to talk about one of the key ingredients in periodontal disease that you don’t hear much about.

This culprit is one of the bad guys that initiate the onset of disease and plays a key role in the success of the perio treatment you deliver-surgical and non-surgical.

You received an email last week inviting you to register. Be sure you register soon and invite your friends and colleagues! Even if you can’t be on the live call, you’ll need to register to get a link to the recording.

Register here www.InspiredHygiene.com/Trisha

Today is my mom’s 69th birthday. Happy Birthday Mimi! I have to tell you, I couldn’t do what I do without my mom. She takes care of our kids full-time and helps things run smoothly around the house. Having her here in Charlotte with us is a dream come true. She doesn’t know it yet but Anna and I have baked a special cake for her.

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