Have You Fallen into a Perio Maintenance Trap?

The term “Prophy Trap” is a relatively common term for practices that are struggling with diagnosing and recommending perio therapy to their patients. One of the ways you know you are in this type of trap is when you find yourself constantly doing bloody and challenging prophies and running behind much of the day. This looks and feels much like a hamster running vigorously in the wheel but getting nowhere. The patient needs more than just a prophy! So why, if you and your team are doing a great job with perio recommendations to your prophy patients, would there be a possible issue with being caught in a “Perio Maintenance Trap”?

It is often uncovered with our private coaching clients, that even if they have a healthy perio percentage, a significant amount of that percentage is heavily weighted by Perio Maintenance and very few quads of active therapy. Watch my short video to help you identify if you are in this trap and how to avoid getting caught in one altogether!


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