How do you track adult fluoride with the new codes?

Some teams just know how to have FUN! And the team of Drs. Harris and Reynolds in Little Rock is one of them. I had the distinct pleasure of spending two days in this practice last week.

They had thought for YEARS about bringing in a hygiene coach to help them up-level their perio program, restorative co-diagnosis and hygiene systems and now was the time!

One thing I love about this team is that while they were referred to us by practice management consultant, Sharon Tiger and their financial advisor at Cain Watters, Dr. Harris was very clear with me on his objectives for the consult. In his doctor questionnaire he stated and I quote “We will not sacrifice quality care to increase production”.

The ironic thing is that high quality care automatically creates a highly productive hygiene team.

You’ve probably heard me say this before but here I go again. I fall in love with our industry all over again every time I hear a doc say…’the reason I called you is because we notice that our hygiene numbers are down. But really, we just want to be sure we’re doing the best for our patients and we need your help”.  And I will tell you that when I meet these teams in person, they walk their talk.

So…one high level service that increases productivity is adult fluoride. With the changes in the codes in 2013, it’s a little trickier to differentiate and track adult fluoride varnish and child varnish procedures. So in this week’s video, I’ll give you some simple tips so you can track how well you’re doing with adult fluorides.

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