How much radiation are we really getting?

Here at Inspired Hygiene, we believe in building on the knowledge of others.  This doesn’t mean using someone else’s information as your own but rather acknowledging that no one person can know EVERYTHING there is to know in a subject area.  But if we pool our knowledge and collaborate…THEN we are unstoppable.

This is how our Hygiene Profits Mastermind program was born.  I love interviewing experts on all the topics that create a progressive, patient-centered, productive hygiene department.  I want to give our clients and members the benefit of hearing the latest information from the experts in each specific area.

This is a concept shared by another organization that is near and dear to my heart.  Just last weekend, Stacy and I attended the annual session of the Speaking Consulting Network.  This is a group of some of the BEST speakers, writers and consultants in the dental industry that get together every year TO GET BETTER.


We learn from each other and utilize each other’s expertise to better serve our clients and audiences.

This month, I can’t wait to interview Laura Howerton, a dental radiology expert and instructor.  There has been a media firestorm over the last few months about the effects of dental radiation and Laura is going to set it straight. Don’t miss the call on Thursday, June 21.  And if you’re not already a member of our Mastermind group, the first 2 months are FREE.  Click here to sign up.



“What’s New in Digital Radiography:
From Technique Tips to Truths About Safety & Science”

with special guest Laura Howerton, RDH, MS

Hear Rachel interview this month’s expert guest, Laura Howerton, RDH, MS.  Laura is a nationally-known speaker, textbook author, and is one of the most well known digital radiology technology experts.

Laura will detail:

  • Do we need thyroid collars and lead aprons with digital x-ray technology? What the current industry standards are for radiation safety for providers and patients?
  • What was hype and what is reality surrounding the recent media firestorm about dental x-rays and brain tumors
  • What are some of the biggest features and benefits of digital radiography that are commonly under-utilized in dental practices
  • Quick tips for how to read and co-diagnose using x-rays
  • How often to take FMX and bitewings – what’s the science say?



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