How to Finally Get Things Done

No one likes marking things off a ‘To-Do’ list better than me! That’s how I see what I’ve accomplished and create my work plan for the coming days, weeks and months.

The same is true for a dental practice. Here’s what I see happening a lot. You have a great team meeting with lots of new ideas and solutions. Everyone leaves excited and fired up, ready to take on the tasks. And then a week later, you’re right back where you started. No action has been taken on any of your ideas. It’s no one’s ‘fault’, it’s just what happens when there’s no accountability or time frame around the task.

Here’s how you avoid that…

Never end a team meeting without an Action and Accountability List!

1-Purchase a poster-size 3M Post It flip chart to use during all your meetings.

2-At the end of your meeting, create a list that looks like this:

Create a Doc-Hyg exam checklist
Order new ultrasonic tips


By When
May 5
May 7

3-Be very specific with the task and give yourself a reasonable deadline. Post this huge sticky note in your team lounge so you can see if every day and review it during your morning huddle.

4-Get a verbal ‘ok’ from the person accountable that they will follow through on the task.

5-Agree as a team that you all have permission to gentle ‘nudge’ each other if you haven’t followed through on your commitment.

6-Doctor and Office Manager, your team needs you to hold them accountable. If a task hasn’t been completed by the agreed upon date, ask what support that person needs to get it done.

7-Celebrate your success as you see the results of your ACTION!

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