How to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk…

Join us for our June Hygiene Profits Mastermind Call on June 16:

“How to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk…Motivating Clients to Say YES” with Guest Stacy McCauley, RDH, MS

Dentistry is a well-balanced profession; combining both your clinical skills with your communication skills. The clinical skill comes easy for most of us – it was taught to us in school and we refine it every day. Communication skills, on the other hand, aren’t typically taught in school and for many clinicians, it’s a lifetime source of frustration. You might have grumbled, “Why is this client opting out of treatment? I know I’ve explained this tooth’s dire prognosis time and time again!” Clients may not always truly understand us when it comes to disease diagnosis, case presentation, or financial arrangements. This course will walk attendees through key skill sets necessary for elevating your ability to connect with clients and ultimately get patients to say YES to treatment. On this call, Stacy will share:

  1. How, when and what to say throughout the dental and dental hygiene process of care
  2. Language and questions for getting the real information you need from a patient
  3. Examples for how to finally get your patients to understand the value of the dentistry available in your practice

I hope you’ll join us.  If you’re not a member of our Hygiene Profits Mastermind, try it FREE for 2 months.  Go to for all of the details and to sign up.

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