Hygiene Chair Restorative Enrollment

Restorative enrollment during the dental hygiene hour is one of the most important aspects of the recare visit.  Doctors rely on their Hygiene Team to identify potential restorative needs, help keep their schedule full and meet production goals.

This quick video tip will outline 3 easy to follow steps to ensure consistent restorative dialogue at the hygiene chair.

Please view these two short video testimonials (2-3 minutes) from clients who have experienced improved restorative outcomes as a result of their highly functioning hygiene departments and exceptional perio protocols.  Watch my past videos with Dr. Karen Beck and Dr. Scott White.

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One comment on “Hygiene Chair Restorative Enrollment
  1. Robert S. says:

    Okay, this is one crazy good article! I love this! very well informative. I, myself,don’t know this issue fully and I’m glad that I have stumbled upon this article before it’s too late! I think that more people if not all the denture users and non dental users in the world should know this just because this is something that’s really important and that will be detrimental in the future! plus it’s gonna affect your personal hygiene so that should be paid attention to. Thank you

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