Is it time to get back in the kitchen?

About 4 years ago the culinary bug bit me.  I had been a modest home cook for years but something clicked and made me want to step up my game in the kitchen.  Thank you Food Network!

Recently, I took some cooking classes at the local gourmet food store.  Even though I thought I knew how to chop and dice, they taught me ways to do it with more efficiency and precision.  Even though I had already been using some of the techniques they taught in their techniques class, they taught us how to implement these techniques in a way to get a remarkably better outcome.  For me, cooking classes didn’t teach me how to cook; they taught me how to do it better.   In a sense, they recalibrated me to a new level of culinary excellence.  And now, cooking is a family affair.   Here I am with my trusty sous chef, Logan McCauley!

Scroll down to see how a calibration session with one of our private coaching clients yielded efficiencyprecisionbetter outcomes and excellence!

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Calibrate to Dominate!

A few weeks ago, we shared with you one of the many success stories we’ve had with our private coaching clients this year. Dr. Kimber Holmes’ office in Texas doubled their perio percentage and increased hygiene production by over $20k/month in only 2 months time!

Remember my example in my note this week about cooking class?  I didn’t go to cooking class to learn how to cook; I went because I wanted to do it better.

Many of our private coaching clients talk about wanting more consistency in their hygiene department.  Have you ever wanted …

  • consistency in how perio is diagnosed between you and your entire hygiene team?
  • clear protocols for when/how to enroll patients in periodontal therapy?
  • consistent messaging so every patient hears a consistent message related to diagnosis and treatment planning?
  • consistent results in patient care and productivity?

If you said, “yes” to any of these, it boils down to a matter of calibration.  When we calibrate a team during our in-office training, the goal is to get everyone ON THE SAME PAGE.  We know one thing for sure…. when we calibrate teams so that everyone is on the same page the following occurs:

  • When a doctor’s confidence in his/her team goes up, the stress level a doctor feels goes down.
  • When teams are calibrated and are clear on protocols, the team feels empowered to practice to a higher standard of care
  • When a patient receives treatment from a calibrated, consistent doctor and team, the results yield HEALTHIER PATIENTS and a more PROFITABLE PRACTICE

Here we are working with Dr. Holmes’ fantastic hygiene team.  We knew this team knew how to “cook“.  We simply re-calibrated the team so they could perform even better, breaking through to their fullest potential.

One final thought…Doctors, stop and think about where you and your team are in the calibration spectrum?  Are you performing at your fullest potential or is it time to get back in the kitchen?

Here’s a recipe for how you and your team can calibrate your periodontal assessment:

  • Choose a patient (friend, family, coworker) who has 5mm or deeper pockets
  • Individually, using the same probe, have each hygienist and doctor measure the same quadrant
  • Bring your measurements together and see how they compare. Review technique together to unify your angulations, interpretation of the measurements and the walking of the probe around the circumference of the tooth

There are so many systems in your practice that benefit from calibration. From determining when a patient goes from prophy to perio treatment, to how you confirm appointments. Until everyone is on the same page…. your results may be inconsistent.

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