It’s the Will, Not the Skill

Two years ago today, we had the immense joy of welcoming Andrew into our family.   When Matt announced ‘It’s a boy’…I immediately recognized that I knew nothing about raising a boy.  Anna is about as girly as they come and has always been very gentle and dainty.

This is NOT the case with Andrew.  He is rough and tumble, jumping off the couch and constantly trying new things (like testing new crayon colors on anything within his reach).


But despite my pitiful knowledge of how to raise a boy, I had tremendous desire and WILL that I would figure it out.  I can LEARN how to communicate with and challenge him but if I didn’t have the WILL to do so, I wouldn’t get very far.

I once heard Jim Cathcart say ‘When it comes to achieving significant things in life, the determining factor is almost always the will to achieve.’  The skill you can learn, but the will comes from inside!

Next week, our Hygiene Profits Mastermind members will have the pleasure of hearing a very successful dentist tell her story of how she hires on WILL and trains for SKILL.  If you’d like to join us, scroll down and get your free trial membership.

I can tell you without hesitation that the doctors I work with that are the strongest leaders and have carefully chosen and supported their team, get the most dramatic results-in both patient and practice health.

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Join us for our November Hygiene Profits Mastermind call:

“Keeping Your Hygiene Team Accountable, Efficient and Happy”
with special guest Dr. Tanya Brown
Dentists ask us all the time ‘How do I keep my hygiene team motivated and committed to growing the practice without having to micromanage them?‘ Rather than just hear it from me, I thought it would be SO much more powerful if you heard it from a real-life practicing dentist. Inspired Hygiene client, Pankey grad and speaker/consultant, Dr. Tanya Brown is a master at developing leaders on her team to help manage and grow an extremely successful practice in Chesapeake, VA.

On this call, Dr. Brown will share her secrets for:

  • Creating team incentives that motivate rather than divide
  • Getting your hygiene team to enthusiastically uphold your standards of care without exception
  • Setting clear expectations and giving hygiene team the tools to be successful

If you’re not a member of the Hygiene Profits Mastermind, click here to learn more and join!

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