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The Real Truth about Oral Cancer Screening Devices
with Cris Duval, RDH

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month so it’s an appropriate time to take a look at the controversy that’s surrounded some of the most popular oral cancer screening systems over the past couple years.  On this call, I’ll interview Cris Duval, national speaker, coach and oral cancer activist. She’s a self-described overall health lifeguard and patient coach. Cris is a shining example of a hygienist that takes her role as healthcare professional very seriously.  If you’ve never heard her speak, you must attend this telephone seminar as she shares her insight and amazing communication skills that get patients to consistently ask for an oral cancer screening. On the call, Cris will share:

  • New updates on the state of oral cancer in the US
  • The truth about the studies that question the efficacy of oral cancer screening tools
  • Why we must be using a detection device other than our own eyes and hands
  • How to get patients to help you market this service to your community

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