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As you read this, I’m kicking off a workshop day with a new client in Georgia. Another example of ‘Small Town Success’.  I’m telling you, between the backroads and baggage claim, I’m going to write a book about it one day.
I’m always blown away by what these teams accomplish despite some challenging economic times in small towns and rural areas. And this month’s Inspired Team is no exception. Scroll down to see what Abbeville Dental has done in just a few short weeks.
I think this quote by Wayne Dyer says it all.
“When you’re inspired, what once seemed difficult,
you now feel compelled to do.”

I am so excited to share with you the success of one of our private coaching clients.  The team at Abbeville Dentistry in Lubbock, TX is rockin’!  I am blown away by their dedication to each other and to their patients’ health.

In just 4 weeks after my first in-office workshop, they have increased their perio percentage by over 30%, increased hygiene production by more than $50/hour and the doctors are sharing the growth with the team through a new bonus program.

I have to tell you that the team at Abbeville was already doing so much RIGHT. Their perio percentage was already over 30% (excellent by any standards) but they hadn’t tapped into some opportunities for care that were hiding in their practice.

We uncovered the opportunities, brought them together as a team and they have just taken off.  I want to thank them for stepping up in a big way and never letting their fears hold them back. Way to go Abbeville! You ROCK!

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