Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina…

There I was loading my luggage into the car the day of the team workshop.  Look at the glory that greeted me! What a sunrise!  And it was indeed a wonderful beginning to a great day!

Since then, the population of Anderson, South Carolina has been getting healthier and healthier.  In just a few weeks, the Clinical Team at Cornerstone Dental has helped many patients treat their gum disease and thereby reduce their risk for heart attack, stroke and diabetes.


As we now know, periodontal disease, among other inflammatory conditions, is an independent risk factor for heart attack, stroke and diabetes.  The team at Cornerstone Dental has fully embraced the importance of comprehensive periodontal evaluations, including radiographs and tissue response, followed by appropriate treatment recommendations to maintain health, continue disease remission or treat active infection.

Using risk assessment as the foundation that drives the need for treatment, this team is helping save lives by reducing overall systemic inflammation.

In just four weeks here are their results:

  • >100 quads of needed therapy diagnosed
  • >75% of patients accepted treatment
  • >$200 per day increase in hygiene production




In addition to helping their patients, they are working together better than ever.  Team agreements are one of the most important components of our workshop day!  Being committed to TEAMwork, and doing what it takes during times of change sets the stage for success.  And as you can see from the statistics above… this team is VERY successful.

If you would like to learn more about how you can save lives, please email me:

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