Opportunity or Confusion?

If you’re not clear on how to use and/or bill the new D4346 gingivitis code, you are not alone! Never fear, Patti DiGangi is here!

Join Patti DiGangi, RDH and myself as we discuss the opportunities and eliminate the confusion surrounding the use and billing of this new code.

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D4346 Opportunity or Confusion?
with special guest
Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Using the new D4346 CDT 2017 code, we can finally treat gingivitis after decades of merely dumping gingival inflammation into the same category as health. This new code can potentially close the loop and elevate our standard of care. With increasing research pointing to the connection between oral disease and medical conditions, the timing is perfect. Early recognition ensures earlier intervention and disease prevention. Yet it isn’t just a new code, different thinking is needed. This code has brought as many questions as answers.

Upon completion of this webinar, the participant will:

Recognize which type of oral evaluation is appropriate before delivery of D4346 and when it must be completed
Identify ways to quantify inflammation to support submission of new D4346
Differentiate this new scaling procedure (D4346) from the current debridement procedure (D4355), prophylaxis (D1110/D1120) and scaling and root planning codes (D4341 and D4342)

CE credits are provided by Inspired Hygiene.Inspired Hygiene is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing dental education programs of this program provider are accepted by the AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement.The current term of approval extends from 6/1/2017 to 5/31/2020.

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