Perio Percentage Calculator

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  1. Run a procedure count report
  2. Determine the total number of procedures for the codes below
  3. Enter those numbers in the appropriate boxes
  4. View and interpret your perio percentage

Perio Percentage Calculator

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If your percentage is below 20%, your perio program needs  immediate attention. Most of your patients are receiving prophies and there is a good chance there is untreated periodontal disease among your patient base. A low perio percentage is one indicator that it is time to evaluate the quality of diagnostic care occurring in hygiene. The 1st step to increasing perio treatment is making the diagnosis. This is of course a team effort between the hygienist and the doctor.

If your percentage is between 25 and 35%, you are doing better than most practices, however, a close look at your scaling and root planing and perio maintenance numbers will reveal whether there is an imbalance that can be addressed for even greater perio performance. If you are at this level, we are happy to analyze where you have opportunities to shore up a few systems to increase perio enrollment and take it to the next level.

If your perio percentage is over 35%, you are delivering a very high level of quality care and should be very proud of this accomplishment. Continue to review your protocol at least twice a year to be sure you are on the cutting edge with techniques and adjunctive services.