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“I want to know my hygiene team’s potential for growth…”

You’re curious to know how you stack up to industry benchmarks for successful hygiene teams. You want a second set of eyes to take a deep dive into the inner workings of your hygiene department and see where the potential for growth lies. Knowing where you are today is the first step in getting to the next level.

The Inspired Hygiene service that best fits your needs:

“I want some fresh ideas to expand hygiene services…”

You’re a Do-it-Yourselfer. You enjoy online learning and you and your team easily implement new strategies into day-to-day practice. You want some new ideas to expand the services & products you offer in hygiene and increase productivity or you just have a few specific questions about your hygiene department.

The Inspired Hygiene service that best fits your needs:

“I want hands-on training and coaching for my team…”

You have a well-established practice and you know it’s time to get your entire team on the same page with customized training and on-going coaching. You want support to implement strategies creating dramatic increases in the level of service and profitability in hygiene.

The Inspired Hygiene service that best fits your needs:

Profitable Perio Online Bootcamp


PPOB_Report_renderTap into the minds of some of the most progressive perio experts of our time. Not only are they nationally known speakers, these are ALL active clinicians, researchers and coaches that are really practicing what they preach…day in and day out. This is not a ‘Here’s what you should do” course. This IS a “Here’s HOW you do it” course.



Return on Hygiene

Here’s How to Uncover the Hidden Potential of Your Hygiene Team…  Do you know that your hygiene team has potential to grow but you’re not sure where or how to get started? Would you like to implement clear hygiene protocols and systems, and have your entire team happily stand behind them? Would you like to see hygiene consistently enrolling restorative care? Discover how your practice can experience a strong Return On Hygiene.


Please note that there will be a $10 shipping charge for orders delivered outside the continental U.S.

Private Phone Coaching

with Inspired Hygiene Coaches


This is an opportunity to work with our team of expert coaches over the phone. If you have a specific question and you’d like strategic advice you can implement right away, we’d love to talk with you.


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