[Quick Video Tip] Improve your relationship with your periodontist – Part 1

I bet if you ask your team what your protocol is for referring patients to the periodontist, you’ll get a few different answers. There’s not been a team yet that we’ve worked with that has a VERY clear, consistent protocol for this.

But here’s the thing…it’s not black and white and I don’t believe in teaching ONE protocol that must fit EVERY practice. It just doesn’t work that way. We help our clients create a referral system customized to fit their philosophy and how to best work with their periodontist for the best of their patients.

In this week’s quick video tip, I’ll share Quick Tip #1 on how to improve your relationship with your periodontist and get really clear on this with your team.

Remember to take action on this. Choose one person on your team to take the first step to implement Tip #1.

Oh, I almost forgot. See if you can here the bit of ‘nature’ in the video. That’s just the cicadas singing their summer song here in the South.

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