Have you ever noticed that one sign of a true friend is that no matter how long you’ve been apart, when you’re reunited you can pick up right where you left off?

Last week, I had so much fun reconnecting with my best hygiene school friends. When we were together the years just melted away and it was like we were back in school 20 years ago. We’re planning for another get together soon and for our 20 year reunion next year.

With your patients, it is critical for you to build and nurture the relationship you have with them so that you stay connected during the months they are away.

Dental teams often don’t know how many of their patients they are retaining and I routinely see practices that have only 30-40% of their patients in recare.

This month on our High Performance Hygiene Mastermind call, I ‘m interviewing a true marketing expert and together we’ll share with you the key to retaining patients and how to know if they are coming in the front door and walking right out the back.   Don’t miss this call!

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