Saving Lives…One Mouth at a Time!

Last month, I shared part of a presentation I did in front of my fellow peers at SCN’s (Speaking Consulting Networking) annual convention in Orlando. I relayed a story about a patient who challenged me early on in my hygiene career. That challenging conversation changed my ‘mantra’ moving forward with treating all of my patients as if they could leave and go somewhere else tomorrow. What would that new hygienist or doctor say to my patient, aka family member, about the care they had been receiving from me?

Today’s video is a second part of that same presentation. I share how I took that previous experience and allowed it to change my mindset of mouth maid to trueHEALTH CARE PROVIDER for my patients. I also recount a story of a different patient that demonstrates how we all can and DO “Save Lives….One Mouth at a Time”!

If you or your team members are STUCK in the Mouth Maid mentality, reach out to me and let’s discuss how I can help you get UNSTUCK!

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