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What happened to all our patients?

We get this question all the time… ‘We have a strong new patient flow so why aren’t we adding hygiene days?’.   We’ve seen dentists with 40-50 new patients/month and yet they have the same 6-8 days of hygiene each week that

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Have you won the battle but lost the war?

I recently had a really cool conversation with a Dentist we’ve coached over the years. It started as a coding question but what he shared is an excellent example of strong leadership that we can all learn from.  Watch this brief video

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A Young Survivor

Novembers’ Hygiene Profits Mastermind guest, Amber Young, is not only a lovely young woman, she’s also an oral cancer survivor.  Join Amber and myself and hear her incredible story of hope and survival. You will not want to miss this

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[VIDEO TIP] Dentists-LEAD your hygienists to fill your schedule

Nearly every dentist we’ve ever worked with has asked ‘How do I motivate my hygienists to tee-up more treatment for me-BEFORE I come in for the exam?’  This is really a leadership conversation and in this short video I will give you the

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Do You Really Treat Your Patients Like They Are Family?

Most of us truly believe that what sets us apart as GREAT hygienists, dentists and health care providers to our patients is that we treat them like they are family.  I am sure you would also agree that sometimes either

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Fun and For Real-Rachel talks with Howard Farran-Return on Hygiene

It was my pleasure and honor to be featured recently on Howard Farran’s Dentistry Uncensored podcast.  One thing I love is that Howard gets his guests to Get Real. And that’s just what we did.  Besides being a ton of fun to listen

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High Impact Communication

Patient communication is always a topic of interest! Using high impact words and phrases can make a big difference in a patients’ ability to understand why following through with diagnosed treatment is in their best interest. During a recent workshop,

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The Power of Perio Maintenance

As our patient’s health care providers, we KNOW the importance of never letting insurance companies influence our diagnosis and treatment recommendations based on reimbursement. But many of us have fallen victims of this very thing. Sometimes what we think is

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12 Million Implants to Maintain

There is no doubt that implants provide successful and predictable treatment for tooth replacement. However, the importance of prevention, proper oral hygiene, and implant maintenance is of utmost importance for long-term success. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry,

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Does it still ring true after 10 years?

A couple weeks ago, I was preparing one of my videos for this newsletter and my friend Diane said to me… ‘Do realize you’ve been doing this e-zine for 10 years’? See, Diane has helped me with Inspired Hygiene since Day

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