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Get what you want this year

I hope you had a fun & restful holiday season! In this video, I am excited to share with you exactly how I set goals for my personal and work life. I’ll share some slight tweaks on goal setting that have

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Do You Need a Coach in Your Corner??

With the New Year just around the corner, many of us have already started to reflect back on our goals and resolutions set just 12 short months ago. They seemed simple enough back then, right? Exercise more and eat better

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Do Your Hygiene Numbers Ever Lie?

Benchmarks, benchmarks…we hear it all the time! Every coach, consultant and accountant is forever talking about Benchmarks! This month’s Hygiene Profits Mastermind webinar will reveal exactly what your ‘Hygiene Department Benchmarks’ mean and what they don’t mean! Mark your calendar today to join Inspired Hygiene’s

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Got Goals?

GOT GOALS? “Arriving at one goal is … the starting point to another.” So whenever we begin private coaching with our clients, we make sure that we sit down with the team and create a clear vision as to how

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What’s YOUR definition of success?

Every time we talk to a potential new client we ask them ‘What are your top 2 challenges in the hygiene department?’.  And then next we ask them ‘What are your initial and long-range goals for your hygiene department as

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Trait #1- Rock Star Hygienists love setting and achieving goals

Trait #1- They love setting and achieving goals! Rock star hygienists are committed to achieving and even EXCEEDING goals. The rock star hygienist thrives on a sense of accomplishment. This type of team member responds well to the idea of

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Commitment + 86 = 2012

If you haven’t figured it by now, Stacy and I share a lot in common both professionally and personally. During a recent business trip, she and I were reflecting about the influence our dads had in our lives. My dad

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