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Prophy Trap = Burnout

Just three short months ago I started working with a VERY busy and growing practice near Nashville, TN. They admitted that they were truly caught in a “prophy trap” and didn’t know how to get out. While they weren’t neglecting

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Mastering Your Hygiene Team and MORE!

Many times, when getting to know potential clients, the doctors mention that they bring a coach in to help grow the practice with the primary focus on increased production and collections. While that is important and valuable, we also know

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Should Periodontists bill periodic exams? Is it insurance fraud if they don’t?

Recently, we’ve started working with Periodontists helping them look at how they can take their hygiene departments and the care they deliver to the next level.  Often this involves tightening up documentation, diagnosing recurrent disease and improving communication with the

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High Impact Communication

Patient communication is always a topic of interest! Using high impact words and phrases can make a big difference in a patients’ ability to understand why following through with diagnosed treatment is in their best interest. During a recent workshop,

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No More Mystery

I am so excited about this months’ Hygiene Profits Mastermind Webinar, Understanding Lasers in the Dental Practice, where our special guest Jan LeBeau, RDH takes the mystery out of laser use. Join Jan and I as we discuss the fundamentals

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Is It Time For Your Team To Get Calibrated?

Doctors, have you ever you wondered why more perio is being consistently diagnosed in hygiene operatory A than hygiene operatory B?  Hygienists, are you ever concerned about how the new patient exam starting in the doctors chair, may not include

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Trait #11 – Rock Star Hygienists Start on Time and Stay on Time

Trait #11 – Rock Star Hygienists Start on Time and Stay on Time You’ve probably heard before that a 60 minute hygiene visit can be broken down into 3 equal parts… 20-20-20.  If you’re fortunate enough to have 60 minutes

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Don't Beat Yourself Up

When talking about implementing a more consistent, proactive perio protocol in their practice, the #1 question I get from dentists, hygienists, assistants and the admin team is always the same… How do I enroll existing patients that truly NEED active

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If I slow down hygiene won't I also slow down production?

I had a call with a private client team last week and I just had to share it with you. Every one of the three hygienists has made huge breakthroughs in their service to their patients and in their productivity.

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Challenging Old Beliefs

Today I’m giving you #5 in our article series “Top 5 Hidden Obstacles“. This one is especially important because it applies to us ALL. Whether you believe it or not, there’s some old belief or negative mindset that you’re holding

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