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How do you handle objections?

How many times have you and/or your team not implemented a new protocol or system based on your fear of patient rejection? You attend a great CE seminar and the whole team wants to start utilizing what you just learned

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Periodontal Treatment Improves Restorative Outcomes

Going into an esthetic restorative procedure with gums as healthy as possible has many benefits.  Periodontally healthy patients have little or no gingival bleeding during the prep, making the procedure more efficient.  Impressions are cleaner and more accurate.  And finally,

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Stealth Safety

I’ve been in Dentistry my entire adult life and I can honestly say I’ve never met a dental professional that would knowingly violate OSHA safety and infection control procedures. On the other hand, I have observed many questionable practices when

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What if Your Hygienist Leaves?

It’s probably happened at least once in your career. You have a fabulous hygienist on board that is proactive, organized and just gets things done. The hygiene department is moving along nicely. It’s productive and serving patients at a high

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