The Power of Yet!

As the new-year unfolds, I’m excited about the months of ‘glorious time’ ahead to accomplish my 2015 goals!  Because I know you’re the kind of person who starts the new-year by setting your intention to accomplish your goals too, I wanted to share some powerful information with you.

According to dictionary.compower is the ability to do or act, the capability of doing or accomplishing something.  Sounds good, right? To learn more about how you can put the ‘power of yet’ to work for you this year, read this weeks attached article, The Power of Yet.

Here’s to your ongoing success, this year, and beyond!

The Power of YET!

A few years ago my husband introduce me to TED Talks and I’ve become a huge fan.  In fact, rather than watching conventional television, we will often surf TedTalk for something interesting to watch.  It’s easy to find a 10-20 minute presentation on just about any subject that might interest you.  Always informative and interesting, the talks are often very entertaining as well.  One of my current favorites is ‘The Power of Yet’ by Carol Dweck.

Picture this: you’re at your monthly team meeting reviewing performance statistics with your team members.   The practice has fallen short of several benchmarks.  We can’t ignore these shortfalls and of course we need to discuss them and brainstorm, as a team, how we can ‘improve’ moving forward.  Enter Carol Dweck and ‘The Power of Yet’!

Ms. Dweck proposes the use of ‘yet’ when moving toward any goal.  For example, “I haven’t reached my daily goal, yet!  And here’s my plan to get there.”  However, typically we admit failure by saying, “We didn’t reach our goal”, followed by a deep sigh and sad face.  What if we could turn that around and reframe it?  What if your motto for 2015 could become, “We haven’t reached our goal(s), YET?”   

With this slight shift in thinking, we can now view our shortfalls as simply not getting there yet This changes the entire focus of the thought process, the inevitable negative emotion, and the conversation, to that of hope, encouragement and teamwork.  ‘Yet’ implies that this is a goal we can reach and opens the door for team collaboration and brainstorming.

Set aside a few minutes today, or during your next team meeting, to watch Carol Dweck and The Power of Yet on  An investment of about 20 minutes could make the difference in reaching your 2015 professional and personal goals.

Regardless of your role in the dental practice, you can improve the positive focus of your team by bringing the power of yet to your next team meeting. Goethe said, “Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.” Don’t put this on the back burner.  Do it today!  Take the initiative; you’ll be glad you did!

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