The Three C’s of Dental Patient Care

Consistency – Continuity – Courage
“The Three C’s” of Patient Care


Consistency, continuity and courage: from now on known as the “Three C’s” of Dental Patient Care!

Consistency or steadiness is the willingness to stay the path you have set for yourself.  Even on the bad days you stick to your advanced communication skills, principles and clinical protocols, always with your patients’ best interest in mind.

Continuity or unchanging quality is the willingness to deliver outstanding customer service everyday with every patient. Sometimes our patients misbehave making it especially challenging to deliver unchanging quality of care; nevertheless we do our best to exceed the patients’ expectations.

Courage or having guts is the quality that keeps us going every day. Sometimes patients intimidate us.  They come on so strong with their objections and their demands.  It takes courage to deal with these intense situations, while remaining consistent and following through with what we know is best for them.

Working in the Dental Health Care field is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a demanding, intense profession that, when done employing “The Three ‘C’s” of Dental Patient Care, can be amazingly rewarding and deeply satisfying.  It’s a great joy to realize the depth of opportunity we have each day to improve the lives of our patients.

All of us at Inspired Hygiene are grateful for the opportunity to share in your success!  If you have not participated in one of our coaching programs, give us a call today and schedule a complementary “Get Acquainted Call”!

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