Think Differently

When it comes to the early intervention and treatment of periodontal disease, I often hear myself telling hygienists and dentists… “It’s time to do something different”!

While this statement remains true, the real magic happens when we actually begin to ‘think differently’!  

Thinking about periodontal disease as a biofilm infection involving the patients’ immune system, instead of a disease driven by calculus deposits and poor home care opens up a world of possibilities.

This new thinking allows the clinician to consider possibilities for treatment options beyond the removal of hard deposits from the root surfaces and incorporates a ‘whole body’ treatment philosophy as we consider medical systemic components as well as the patients’ overall inflammatory burden.

Take a look at what the team of Fairfield Dental Arts has been able to accomplish in just a few short weeks after they began ‘thinking differently’!

If you are ready to start thinking differently… contact us today and request a new client assessment and together we can determine if our coaching programs are a fit to help you create your next level of patient care!

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