This is What’s Holding You Back

Last week Matt and I spent a few days in Miami where we were attending a Mindset retreat. It was great to get away together and we are both SO happy to be back home with the kids.

One of the exercises we did at this retreat was to work on finding our BIG purpose. This purpose goes way beyond having a successful business…way beyond just making money. My BIG purpose (other than creating a great life for my family) is still in development. I’ll let you know when it comes together.

The reason I am on stage here with my business coach and fellow attendees of the retreat is because each of us stepped up to a challenge we were given the day before. One of my fellow masterminders co-owns a business planning luxury travel to Africa and her big purpose is about supporting local economies and business owners there. Meredith challenged each of us to make a micro-loan to a business owner in a small village in Africa.

I’d never done this before but I am beyond passionate about lifting up other entrepreneurs, especially those that are striving to grow and improve the lives of their families and communities even in the toughest of situations.

These loans can be as little as $25 and it’s so easy to contribute at I encourage you to at least check it out.

Several months ago I asked you to tell me about the negativity you hear in your office. You responded loud and clear and this fall, I’m going to be offering a complementary tele-seminar on Mastering Your Mindset. I haven’t set the exact date, but I’ll let you know when I do.

As I talk with dentists across the country, I ask them what they’ve tried in the past to take their hygiene team to the next level in service and profitability. What I hear is that they’ve been doing the right things but there are obstacles in their practice that are keeping them from really being successful. And guess what? Old beliefs and a negative mindset are some of the most common problems I see.

So one of the very first things I do with every new client is to help them identify and clear the obstacles that have held them back.

On this month’s High Performance Hygiene Mastermind special topic call, I’ll reveal the 5 Most Common Obstacles and how to get them out of your way so you can implement the systems and protocols that will finally get you to your production and service goals. For more information or to join the Mastermind group, go to

This call is perfect for doctors, office managers and hygienists. I hope you’ll join us!

Stay inspired!


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