Time flies when you’re having fun!

Return visits to teams we’ve worked with in the past are always fun. It’s like visiting an old friend.  And when that team has steadily made dramatic improvements to their practice and the care they deliver every day… it’s even more exciting.

I had the honor to return to Braydich Dental recently. They are located in a very small town on Ohio and while the weather was a little gray, this team is a ray of sunshine.


Take a look at what the Braydich team has achieved since my first visit with them in 2008…

The Braydich team has also done a complete renovation and expansion of their facility, up-leveled their marketing, gone ‘almost paperless’, added new services and hired a 3rd doctor.




They asked me to come back to help them…

1-    Get to THE NEXT LEVEL. See, even though they have achieved so much, they know they can do more.  They have added genetic & bacterial DNA testing, adjunctive antibiotic therapy and they want to be sure they are ‘connecting the dots’ for their patients so everyone understands the impact oral health has on their patients’ overall health.

2-    Get their team on the SAME PAGE.  Yes, they have some new team members and it is really important for everyone to share a common WHY.   It’s important to share the vision of the practice with EVERY team member. Coming to work everyday without knowing WHY creates a culture of ‘it’s a JOB’ team members. When everyone is speaking the same language and understands why they go the extra mile for patients, it’s a CAREER.

So please help me celebrate Braydich Dental! They are SO INSPIRING!

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