Trait #10 – Rock Star Hygienists Keep up With Current Dental Trends

Trait #10 – Rock Star Hygienists Keep up With Current Dental Trends

We work with clients from a wide range of practice settings and various levels of experience. Some of the rock stars we have the opportunity to work with are in small town one-doctor practices while others practice in fast-paced, multi-doctor, big city practices. The practice setting aside, the real rock stars shine through very brightly due to their commitment to staying current.

I think one myth that is very common is that if your hygienist was on top of their game when they graduated from hygiene school, then they’ll always be on top of their game. The fact is, SO MANY THINGS CHANGE in dentistry, without a commitment to the latest trends, we lose a key piece to our clinical edge.

Doctors, would you like to know some key questions to ask of an interview candidate for that open hygiene position currently available in your practice? Here are some questions that will uncover if he or she possesses some of the big rock star traits of staying current.

1.    Tell me what your annual CE requirements are for your license.  From there, ask how many of CE credits they typically earn each year?  Rock stars are committed to CE.  They want to stay CURRENT and strive to keep up with the latest science, technology and trends.

2.    What types of new technology do you currently consider as “must-haves” for delivering a high standard of care?

a.   You might be looking for someone who is consistently using ultrasonics.  Rock stars know the science behind their use and incorporate them fully.

b.   They consistently incorporate intraoral cameras, bacterial testing, or caries detecting technology such as Diagnodent.  How they answer your question about technology can be a sure sign that he or she will be your biggest asset when it comes to restorative co-diagnosis.

Another scenario might look at how you can bring out the inner rock star in your existing hygiene team members.

1.    Sit down with your team and set goals for CE.  Rock stars commit to taking high-level CE; not just what’s close and convenient.  Hands-on courses are an excellent way to assure your hygiene team stays current with the new technologies and techniques. Do you have a CE compensation protocol written in your SOP manual?  If you’re going to require your team attend a big national meeting, what does their compensation look like for their time?

2.     Devise some sort of “bonus bucks” plan so they could purchase a rock star adjunct such as loupes.   Using magnification is one of the best ways to help elevate their rock star skills in co-diagnosis.

Experts agree that close to 60% of the doctor’s restorative schedule gets diagnosed directly from the hygiene operatory.  So, consider looking at ways to bring out the rock star in your hygiene team.  It not only helps them grow but it is ultimately the lifeline for the entire practice’ sustainability and success.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the current trends in dental hygiene, consider joining our Inspired Hygiene High Profits Mastermind group.  In addition to cutting edge content, your practice is eligible for private phone coaching each month.  Visit Hygiene Profits Mastermind to learn more about the benefits of membership.

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