[VIDEO] Straight Outta Charlotte – Very Special Announcement

I’m so excited to share this news with you!! It is my pleasure to formally announce that our team has grown to include Emme Sanders as Lead Hygiene Profitability Coach.

Emme is based here in Charlotte and, in just a few months, has already served Inspired Hygiene clients in NC, NY, GA, AL and TN. We’ve been keeping her busy.

And to give you a glimpse of how well she’s integrated with our team and how she’s serving our clients at a super high level, take a look at this great video taken just last week.

Emme is a hygienist of 25 years and has worked in just about every role in the dental practice including consultant and practice administrator. So please help me welcome Emme to the IH team. Rest assured you’ll be hearing more from her.

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