What does freedom mean to you?

I’ve always enjoyed Memorial Day weekend. Here in the U.S., it’s the kick off to summer and every few years my birthday falls on Memorial Day. It’s a great time to celebrate life.

What I am reminded of, however, is that Memorial Day is a holiday to honor the dead. The true meaning of Memorial Day isn’t hamburgers and swimming pools. The true meaning is to honor those that have died in U.S. military service, protecting our freedoms.

I’ll be the first to say that I take our freedom for granted.  These are as basic as being able to go to church with out being persecuted or my kids being able to choose their own profession and educational path.

Freedom to me is also being able to learn and grow personally and professionallyand to freely apply that education to improve my life, share my opinions and grow my business. In fact, this e-zine is a real life example of one of our most deeply held freedoms…the freedom of speech.

Recently, I had the privilege to work with one of Inspired Hygiene’s ‘legacy’ clients. This was the third time I’ve worked with Dr. Phillips and his team in Asheville, NC. Over the 10 years that I’ve known Dr. Phillips, he has never stopped improving and growing. He has welcomed a fantastic partner in Dr. Schmitt and attracted a top-notch team in which his hygienists work in a unique model where they also act as high-level dental assistants with specific areas of training.  Dr. Phillips & Dr. Schmitt have the freedom to practice according to their personal philosophy and apply the thousands of hours of education they’ve invested in.

This is what freedom looks like!

I want to say a heartfelt Thank You to the soldiers over the years who have given ALL in the fight for freedom AND to their families who’ve sacrificed for all of us.

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