What you Don’t Do Might Send You to Jail

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“What you Don’t Do Might Send You to Jail”
with Dr. Roy Shelburne

Let’s face it, at one time or another every dental professional has unintentionally omitted information or been guilty of not fully documenting dental findings, recommendations or procedures. Dr. Roy Shelburne will share his story of being charged with a federal crime before he even knew he was doing anything wrong. In fact, what you (and your team) don’t do may be what puts you at risk of being charged and found guilty of fraudulent activity. Dr. Roy’s mission is to keep this unfortunate event from happening to another dental colleague and on the call he’ll reveal:

  • Why creating a treatment plan and procedure notes may not be enough
  • The best form of documentation that you must do with every patient
  • The truth about staff being implicated in malpractice or fraudulent activity
  • Checks and balances you must have in place to protect yourself and your practice

Date: Thursday, November 18

Time: 1:00pm Eastern

Rachel interviews: Dr. Roy Shelburne

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