What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

Well, I’m back home and enjoying every minute of it. While I love Southern California, there’s nothing like the smell of Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Magnolia to make you appreciate living in the South.

I’m looking forward to a great weekend with family and friends as we celebrate Memorial Day with a party at our neighborhood pool and Matt and I go out for a birthday celebration dinner. That’s right…I turned the Big 40 today!

Last year on my birthday I sent you a photo of me with no front teeth so to top that, here I am at my high school graduation in 1988. Yes, I know. I had a lot of hair back then. But who didn’t? Oh, and that’s Diane, Inspired Hygiene’s Business Manager on the left and our other great friend, DesiRae on the right. We’re all still best friends 20+ years later!

While I was in California I attended the CDA meeting. I was so impressed with the level of speakers at this meeting and how well it was organized. I will be back! One of the speakers I saw was Dr. Brian Novy. If you follow me on Facebook you saw my post about his program on CAMBRA and MI Dentistry. He made a very dry subject fun and entertaining. I learned a ton!

Rather than try to feebly recount all the amazing points he made and how this information is turning our old caries theories upside down, I’d like to refer you to a few articles. If you haven’t started thinking about how to update your caries management protocol in the last couple years, now is the time. You must be informed on how to manage patients risk as well as treat their disease and prevent further occurrence. And what you don’t know may hurt you… and your patients.

The first article is a snapshot of Dr. Novy’s presentation, “Dental Caries: a pH-mediated disease”. The second article is by Carri Cady of Oral Biotech and is titled “Sued over caries?!”. I want to point out the section in Carri’s article where she quotes Dr. Ed Zinman. Dr. Zinman is a periodontist and an attorney who handles medical and dental malpractice cases-from the plaintiff’s side. Here is a link to his article “Ethics versus Legal Informed Consent – A Distinction with Little Difference”. In short, he states that lack of knowledge of new standards of care is no excuse for not implementing them. I’m not trying to be dramatic. I’m just saying…

Have a great weekend!

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