Who’s eating your breakfast?

There are some problems in a business that you can ignore for a bit and it won’t make much difference.  Then there are problems that if you do ignore them, they will rear their ugly head, grow exponentially and negatively affect your business in a BIG way.  

In this quick video, I share a concept that I’ve seen ring true over and over as we’ve coached so many dental practices and why ignoring this thing will eat YOU for breakfast. 

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One comment on “Who’s eating your breakfast?
  1. Charlotte says:

    Culture totally affects everything! 4-5 years ago our office had a Toxic Front office. I am the only on left from the original 5 up front. I became the office manager and hired 3 talented and friendly ladies that have created a great Culture in the office. I wanted to quit my job every day 5 years ago. Today I love my job.

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