Would you talk to your patient about her weight?

If you remember Kim Miller’s call about the 4-Prong Approach (it’s in our extensive Mastermind library) then you’ll remember that one of the prongs was ‘Inside Out’.

This means that as you’re developing a treatment plan, you must address how a patient’s immune system (inside) is going to respond to the treatment you’re recommending. One piece of the puzzle I know I haven’t done a good job of discussing is nutrition, diet and even a patient’s weight. Sure I talk to them about soda intake if they have decay but how about perio patients?

And if you think it’s hard to talk to a patient about his/her breath, how about talking to them about their weight? Tough topic…right?

Well, according to extensive research and our Hygiene Profits Mastermind special guest Dr. Uche Odiatu, visceral fat plays a HUGE role in your patient’s risk for cancer and how their immune system will respond to the treatment you just recommended.

If you’ve wondered how to bring in the conversation about nutrition and wellness into your dental practice, you DO NOT want to miss this call. Dr. Uche is a fun, dynamic speaker and he’s going to give some practical, real-life ways you can begin to have more of these conversations with your patients and by the way, create a thriving practice and better clinical outcomes.

Scroll down for details on the upcoming call. We’d love to have you join us!

“Your Mouth – Your Body – Your Health”
with special guest Dr. Uche Odiatu

We know to talk to our patients about the diabetes-perio link but have you ever talked to someone about how diet and nutrition or even their sleep patterns effect healing?

It’s no secret that emerging research catapults inflammation into the ring as a key player in many systemic and oral diseases. Lifestyle factors have a direct effect on your clinical outcomes and how your patients respond to inflammation.

Stop the deadly cascade with healthy lifestyle solutions guaranteed to change your patient’s health destiny. This fact filled & inspirational presentation gives you the practical knowledge and words to start talking about the critical pieces of the inflammatory puzzle that we often ignore. On this call, Dr. Odiatu will share:

  • The 3 critical pieces of our patients’ immune response that we often ignore
  • How deep visceral fat acts like and organ causing havoc on the body & mouth
  • A practical 2-minute script you can use today to start educating and motivating your patients to wellness

Date: Thursday, August 15

Time: 1:00pm Eastern
CE credits are provided by Inspired Hygiene.

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The current term of approval extends from 6/1/2010 to 5/31/2014.



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