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How much SRP should your hygienists be doing?

Have you ever wondered just how much Perio Therapy your hygienists should be doing? I talk to dentists all the time that say they KNOW there’s active disease in their patient population but their perio numbers are either very low or they

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Time Management and Gingivitis Therapy

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the new codes released by the ADA this year. One in particular is going to be very helpful in the treatment of moderate-severe gingivitis.  Patients with moderate-severe gingivitis often fall through the cracks of

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Do You Have a Winning Team?

Here are some key characteristics of winning teams. Leadership: We all know that a team can never run faster than its leader. Although there is always room on a team for more than one leader, the head coach has to

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Quick Video Tip: How to Get Great Referrals

Using Tim Templeton’s book, The Referral of a Lifetime, Rachel Wall of Inspired Hygiene explains how dentists and hygienist can create a referral machine for their practice.

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