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1 – 3 mm probe readings NOT always healthy

Very often I hear dental professionals refer to periodontal readings of 1,2 & 3 millimeters as healthy.  As you think with me on this, you will realize that that is not always a true statement.  Watch this 2-minute video and

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What would YOU do with this new patient?

I recently received an email with a very common dilemma. It’s a situation where a new patient had perio therapy years ago in another practice and now their dental benefit provider will not contribute to Periodontal Maintenance. Because this is

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WOW – 7 Million Undiagnosed?

Adult onset Diabetes is a completely preventable condition!  And wouldn’t you know, periodontal disease plays a big role in the onset and the progression of the disease process. Watch this short 3 min video and learn more about the relationship

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A little inspiration from Michigan

Have you ever had one of those days?  Maybe you’re even having one today! You know: the kind of day where everything seems to take longer, everyone seems to be grumpy and things just aren’t going your way.  We all

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Ultrasonics vs. Hand Scalers…how much time with each?

During the last month, I’ve had the privilege of working with teams in three distinct regions of the country. It is fascinating to me how every dental practice feels their challenges are theirs alone and yet I see how they

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Obstacle #2: There Are No Systems

A few weeks ago, I stepped into the office of one of my clients and I was pleasantly surprised. Based on their analysis, I expected to find a hygiene team that was not performing a complete perio exam on every

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