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Have you won the battle but lost the war?

I recently had a really cool conversation with a Dentist we’ve coached over the years. It started as a coding question but what he shared is an excellent example of strong leadership that we can all learn from.  Watch this brief video

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[VIDEO TIP] Dentists-LEAD your hygienists to fill your schedule

Nearly every dentist we’ve ever worked with has asked ‘How do I motivate my hygienists to tee-up more treatment for me-BEFORE I come in for the exam?’  This is really a leadership conversation and in this short video I will give you the

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Coaching To Keep You On Top of Your Game!

Dr. Stephen Spencer from Great Falls, MT is a HUGE believer in investing time and money in coaching. He wants to hold himself and his team accountable for treating periodontal disease proactively and delivering high level services. I have had

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How do you know when you’ve done a good job?

We ask this question of every team member we work with in our private in-office coaching programs. No matter the location or size of the practice, the answers really aren’t all that different. ‘I know when my patients request me

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A little inspiration from Michigan

Have you ever had one of those days?  Maybe you’re even having one today! You know: the kind of day where everything seems to take longer, everyone seems to be grumpy and things just aren’t going your way.  We all

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